Discover The 8 Simple Steps That You MUST Apply To Generate A Consistent Stream Of Leads And Sales From Social Media

And Why Missing Even Just ONE Step Is Making You Poor!

Are you a coach, trainer, consultant or small business owner wanting to use social media to generate more sales for your business?

Are you an expert with a difference to make in the world… and want to serve more of your ideal clients?

Do you have a message to share… and want to reach a bigger audience online?

Are you fed up that you aren’t getting many sales from social media… and you don’t know why?

Would you benefit from having just ONE definitive Blueprint that you can follow… and have full confidence that you’re on the route to social marketing success?

Let me guess… you’re posting on Facebook and Twitter several times daily… but you’re frustrated because no matter how much time and effort you put into social marketing, being recognised as the go-to person in your field is just not happening for you?

That promised queue of eager clients aren’t waiting to buy from you?

The phone isn’t ringing off the hook with new customer enquiries and exciting opportunities…?

And you’ve probably considered quitting the whole social marketing thing cos it just ain’t working for you!

You wish someone would take you by the hand and say

“Look…  this is where you’re going wrong. This is what’s missing from your social marketing activity… and this is why the results haven’t been amazing so far!”

– so you can have a clear plan of action that works for you!

Imagine this… you have a clear, structured plan of how you can easily get dozens of new customers eagerly buying your services, and regularly raving about you to their friends – all from social media!

That’s because you’ll know not just how to find and engage with your ideal customers… but the individual steps you MUST take to convert your social media followers into warm leads and paying customers.

And the best bit is… very few business owners are actually doing social media well – and almost NONE know the full steps to attracting a steady flow of new customers from social media – so you will literally run rings around your competitors!

This is you with a focused social marketing plan that you will get results from with just a few hours a week spent online, and that fits in perfectly around running your business, caring for your children, and all the other demands on your time!

Nikki Wild[break]”The thing I like most about Veronica’s program is that it’s broken down into steps. Each one has action steps that are easy to implement, and as you work through the content, you are making progress after every session!“[break][break]Nikki Wild[break][break][break]

But before I share with you what this is – let me start by telling you what it is not:

  • It’s not about spamming thousands of people with your “buy my stuff” messages!
  • It’s not a get rich overnight promise – you know the fake promises that if you “Click here” you’ll have a squillion quid in your bank account by tomorrow morning! None of that fakery here – if that’s what you’re after, then I’d recommend you go elsewhere. This is about building a solid foundation for long term sustained results.
  • And it’s not a done-for-you solution… I’ll be teaching and supporting you at every step of the way, but I won’t be doing your marketing for you… you’ll need to put in effort yourself – but it WILL be worth it!

So, before I reveal any more, I’d like to tell you a story…

I’m Veronica Pullen, and 18 years ago, at the age of 26, my driving licence was medically revoked. I’d taken 8 years to Veronica Pullenpass my driving test… hankering after a black XR3i with tinted windows (I’m really showing my age here!) But I  struggled with the manual cars… and eventually decided to sacrifice the XR3i and switch to automatic cars… passing first time!

6 months after I had passed my test and bought myself a shiny red automatic Mini, a routine Optician’s check revealed I had an eyesight condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Bang… my driving licence is gone!

Now, on its own, that might not have been too life changing. But I was born with partial hearing loss, and at the age of 12, diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As each year goes by, the pain and swelling in all of my joints becomes more severe.

My driving licence was my independence… and at 26 years of age, that independence had just been taken away from me.

So I had a decision to make. Do I accept that “this was it” – facing the rest of my years feeling “woe is me” that “everyone else had a life except me”, or do I make some big adjustments and work around this “little obstacle” that had been thrown in front of me?

I’m no quitter or whinger, so work around it was. I decided that I would move my social life online.  Joining online chat networks, forums and using text chat, I began to make friends.

Online Friendships | Veronica Pullen

When Facebook came along, I jumped on board early… then Twitter… going to work all day as a Bookkeeper, and coming home in the evening to “socialise” online. I loved it. I was meeting some great people, some of whom are still my friends today.

I even met my husband on Facebook… and we got married on Twitter – live – “in front” of a few hundred people… including celebrities such as Duncan Bannatyne, Al Murray, Martin “MoneySavingExpert” Lewis, Eamonn Holmes, and The Subways who “joined us” live from their recording studio.

Surrey Mirror | #Wedding0804 | Veronica Pullen

I’ve been networking online for almost half my life! Now I AM showing my age! EEK!

But here’s the thing. You see, these years of experience have taught me that it’s often the minor details that have the biggest impact on your results.

5 years ago I discovered that I am on the Autistic Spectrum too… I have Aspergers Syndrome. That’s my gift to the world, I’m sure of it.

2 years ago I created my Social Prospecting Principles for Twitter. I can build personality profiles purely from seeing what people are posting online – but not just what’s in front of me – I can spot patterns at a much deeper level, that reveal a lot about the poster.

So I set about deciphering those patterns, and have taught hundreds of business owners just like you how to interpret the patterns that matter to their prospects… to use Prospect Psychology to find their ideal clients based on what they’re tweeting about, and the powerful engagement strategies that convert these new connections into warm leads and paying customers.

Jenny Kilburn

“I followed Veronica’s Prospect Psychology method to connect with my ideal client. After a short conversation in Twitter, they’ve become my client – my first ever client generated from Twitter. Veronica’s strategies really work!” 

Jenny Kilburn[break]

And since then I have trained a ton of business owners, teaching them how to build their expert business, and be recognised by their ideal clients as the person they want to work with. I’ve also spent hundreds of hours working in depth on many individual social marketing campaigns for my private clients.

I’ve watched many of these clients literally fly from 0-60 overnight… within days, they’re receiving a flood of warm leads and enquiries from their social media connections.

Social Prospecting For Twitter | Veronica Pullen

Others struggle to get any kind of traction… and I wanted to understand why… what differentiates those who rock at social networking, from those who, well… don’t.

So I set about studying the online customer journey in more detail than I have ever done before.

And I realised, that something was often still missing. Even when my clients completely grasped the finding and engaging aspects of social networking, often, the results still didn’t happen. I began to map out the sequence of events that start with you attracting a new like or follow, and end with you converting your new connection into a paying customer… steps that are present in every successful social marketing campaign.

I’d found another pattern…!

Mapped out, it became the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™.

[break]Andrea DetchonVeronica is brilliant and has so much knowledge to share. The Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ is the structure around what she knows and I’d certainly recommend it. The value of this program will last long after you have worked through the sessions and done all the actions, as it gives you an awareness and the support to make improvements that work“[break][break] Andrea Detchon [break][break][break]

I’ve developed a system..

And I mean a complete system — step-by-step, just about foolproof — 8 steps for starting, marketing, building, and running a successful ongoing social marketing campaign. [Don’t get scared it’s really straightforward and everything has been thought of for you. Everything.]

Having a system is really important. There is a reason why the government says that franchises are ten times more likely to succeed than other businesses. It’s the concept of using proven systems. Do exactly what someone else is doing, you will get similar results. Makes sense, right?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a franchise opportunity – but using the franchise analogy nicely highlights my point about using a proven system.

Anyway, I discovered that the people who are successful with social marketing… who are generating a consistent stream of leads and sales… are taking their new connections through a series of 8 steps;

Social Marketing Profits Blueprint

The Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™


The 8 Step Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™

  • Step 1: Attract
  • Step 2: Connect
  • Step 3: Capture
  • Step 4: Nurture
  • Step 5: Verify
  • Step 6: Satisfy
  • Step 7: Consult
  • Step 8: Convert

And the people who aren’t getting the results… who struggle to get their social marketing to convert at any tangible level were ALWAYS missing at least one of these steps.

You might be ATTRACTING new likes and follows, but if you’re not NURTURING the relationships, then nobody will give a fig about you or what you’ve got to offer.

You may have a huge community of people who like you, but unless you regularly VERIFY that you’re the expert or go-to person, nobody will know why they should be working with you – not even giving any thought into what’s in it for them?

Or, perhaps they do know you’re amazing at what you do… but the SATISFY step is missing – so they don’t trust you to deliver what you promise!

But, listen. Inside the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program, I’m going to show you the EXACT actions you need to take to ensure you SIMPLY and EFFORTLESSLY cover all 8 steps – ALL of the time!

[break]Steph Drake“I am blown away by how much I have learnt from this program. If you’re new to social media and considering investing, my advice is to just do it and don’t worry how little you know. Veronica is so patient and always answers any queries really quickly. No question is too basic and it really will give your confidence a massive boost[break]Steph Drake [break][break][break]


“What Is The Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™Program?”

The Social Marketing Profits Blueprint

You and I are going to put a ROCKET under your social marketing campaigns, and blow them wide apart. We’re gonna get to the bottom of what’s missing, so you’ll have a bombproof profitable strategy for success!

Inside the program, you’ll find 8 modules… where I will teach you the detail of how to apply each of the 8 steps… in detail. It looks like this;

Module #1 – Attract

In this module I’ll be sharing the quickest ways to find and attract YOUR ideal clients in Facebook and Twitter using my Prospect Psychology Principles AND MORE!

We’ll cover;

  • Creating an ATTRACTIVE Twitter and Facebook profile
  • Why applying The Bucket Theory to your online networking will make you the sought after choice by your ideal clients and JV partners
  • Prospect Psychology and keyword searches to find your ideal clients
  • Using hashtags effectively and participating in Twitter chats to get in front of your target audience
  • Why linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts is costing you sales
  • Navigating the set up, monitoring and metrics of successful Facebook Adverts campaigns
  • SEO and getting your website found by your ideal clients
  • Standing out from the crowd: Finding your unique ‘thing’ and getting famous for it
  • Speaking 1:Many – leveraging your time to reach a bigger audience by speaking from stage
  • PR and media coverage – simple strategies for getting press coverage for your business.

Module #2 – Connect

In module 2, we’ll be talking about how you can build emotional connections with your new followers so they care about what you have to offer

We’ll cover;

  • Your content strategy – what to post… where… and when!
  • Scheduling posts on social media to free up your time for building relationships
  • And I’ll show you the most MAGNETIC ways to engage with your new connections… that lead them to seek to learn more about you… ready for step 3…

Module #3 – Capture

THE single most important step – if you’re not capturing data from your online connections, your future business income is at risk – seriously!

Remember what happened to Myspace, Bebo, and Friends Reunited? Imagine you woke up tomorrow to discover Facebook or Twitter were no more?

Or… supposing you unwittingly breached one of Facebook or Twitter’s Terms of Service… and the next time you go to log in, you can’t… you’ve been BARRED!

Maybe… someone takes “offence” to an innocent comment you make in conversation with a Facebook friend… and they report you to Facebook?

That’s the position I found myself in a few months back… no warning, and no appeals process or right of reply! Fortunately I was only barred for 24 hours… but it could easily have been SO MUCH WORSE!

And if you’re not regularly inviting your followers to opt-in to your list, and providing an incentive for them to do so, you can kiss goodbye to your future source of new customers should the unimaginable happen!

So I’m giving you everything you’ll need to know to start capturing warm leads… FAST! Including…

  • Establishing the pain your followers are looking to you to ease. How do they want you to ease it? Creating a compelling Lead Magnet that will have your prospects eager to give you their email address
  • Creating the content for your Lead Magnet, choosing the best title, and getting a stunning cover designed for the price of one cup of coffee!
  • Boosting your credibility through the use of powerful stories, case studies and testimonials
  • The tech stuff involved in making your Lead Magnet available on your website – I’ll show you how
  • Crafting the autoresponder email campaign to FOLLOW UP with your new leads while you sleep
  • Extended data capture – I’ll show you when it’s ok to ask for more information, and how to compel your target clients to give it to you… making it easy for you to segment your marketing for even greater results!

By the end of this module, your new Lead Magnet will be LIVE on your website… and you’ll be building your list of warm leads! Exciting!

As well as creating your Lead Magnet, we’ll also look at creating your digital Trip Wire. A Trip Wire is a low-cost, no brainer, no risk investment that your new warm leads can make with you at the lead capture stage

So you build a list of more committed warm leads (someone who has bought from you once is more likely to buy again!) and generate an entirely passive income for your business – without selling!

Andrea Peck[break]”Veronica, I’m so glad I invested in this program! My Lead Magnet is now live (Hooray!) but it would never have happened without your easy to follow training that broke everything down into easy to follow chunks, or the support of this lovely group of people. Thank you SO much!” [break][break]Andrea Peck[break][break][break]

Module #4 – Nurture

You’ve gained a new warm lead, and now you want to ensure they feel nurtured… that you care that they get the results, and you’re not just seeing them with ££ signs over their head. I’ll show you how easy (but vital!) it is to nurture your community – on and off social media!

Zig Ziglar said “You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.

I totally agree – so in this module you’ll discover just how you can give your target audience what they want…

  • The importance of sending regular emails – and why unsubscribers should be celebrated, not feared!
  • Banish writers’ block with a clear strategy for compiling inspiration for your newsletter content

Module #5 – Verify

You’ve gotta prove that you’re the expert – if you’re not demonstrating your knowledge, how will your prospects know what you can do to help them?

Robert Cialdini says “When people are uncertain they are influenced by two principles, or sources of information. The first is what we call authority. ‘Who are the experts in this situation? Who are the people who are most informed about this particular product or service or circumstance?’ If marketers can present content that describes what experts have to say about a place or situation, people will be especially inclined to listen.”

And how you can apply his theory in your social marketing campaigns will be revealed in this module, where we’ll cover;

  • The power of YOUR story. Did you know that your own story is THE most powerful marketing weapon you have in your arsenal? You’ll learn exactly how to build YOUR story from my own business mentor, John Richardson – who’s had a film made about his story!
  • Your Product Staircase – give your customers a choice of how they can work with you by developing your own passive income information products
  • How to write copy that sells – Nick James, one of the UK’s leading copywriters shows you the strategy he uses to create sales letters for his private clients
  • Blogging – why you should be, and what to blog about?
  • How to create marketing and vlog videos on a budget
  • The business benefits of podcasting – I teamed up with my first ever business mentor, Nicola Cairncross for this session, and frankly what you’ll learn is gonna blow your mind!
  • Hosting your own successful webinars and teleseminars
  • Branding for profit – why branding can make or break your business
  • How to plan for your paid (or free) live events and seminars


Module #6 – Satisfy

Robert Cialdini went on to say:

“The other source of information people look to is their peers. We call this principle “social proof.” ‘What are people just like me doing in this situation?’” 

When you understand how to demonstrate this principle in your social marketing, YOU’LL be the obvious choice when your prospects are ready to buy

Are your prospects satisfied that they can trust you to deliver the results you promise? In this module, I’ll reveal the different ways you can prove to your prospects that they can trust you;

  • Testimonials with ease… getting customers to say yes to giving you a testimonial… EVERY TIME!
  • How and where to capture YOUR social proof – it’s right in front of your nose, grab it before it goes!
  • Maximising the power of your client testimonials and 3rd party site reviews


Module #7 – Consult

At the Consult stage, your warm prospect is now ready to invest something in you. In this module, we’ll cover the different ways you can consult with clients at this stage – and how to guarantee that you never leave money on the table, including;

  • Healing your money mindset – getting rid of your “stuff” around money that is holding you back from earning the income you desire!
  • Increasing your perceived value so you can charge (and get paid) higher fees!
  • Know your hourly “value rate” (which isn’t your charge out rate by the way!) so you avoid giving “your money” to the time vampires or tyre kickers!
  • Effective client consultations – don’t get stuck in the giving away your time for no return trap
  • How not to leave money on the table in sales meetings… without being pushy or “sales-y”
  • Getting more stuff done – understanding which tasks you should delegate or outsource, and which tasks MUST be done by you

Module #8 – Convert

BOOM! You’ve gained a new private client, repeat customer, or big ticket coaching client. In this module we’ll look at how you can WOW your new customer, and turn them into a repeat customer, referrer, affiliate and raving fan;

  • Automated sales funnels – you don’t need to be involved in EVERY sale – with an automated funnel you can make money while you sleep!
  • Choosing the best membership site software – I’ll peel back the covers to reveal the choices I’ve made…ranging from the basic, no cost option, through to the “all singing, all dancing” Rolls Royce of membership site software
  • Affiliate management – attracting and tracking your own team of sales people – so you can reach a bigger audience

My own business has enjoyed considerable success from my social marketing efforts. Achievements such as;

  • Crowned The Association of Coaches, Trainers and Consultants Small Business Coach of the Year 2012 – with a MARGIN of 170+ votes!
  • Featured on ITV1 Daybreak Show and generated front page newspaper coverage
  • Become a sought after Joint Venture partner internationally
  • Invited regularly to speak from stage at events nationwide – including being the ONLY woman chosen to speak at a SuperConference for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants – sharing a stage with my own business heroes; Dan Bradbury, Nick James, James Lavers and Richard Wilkins
  • Given a monthly social media column in Surrey Mirror newspaper
  • Consistently growing my business with 89% of my own globally based clients coming via relationships I’ve built online (the other 11% come via my speaking from stage at events!)
  • Working with some of the BIG names in the Expert industry… including Bob Burg (Author of Go-Givers), Dr Joanna Martin, Lucy Whittington, Fiona Harrold, Nick James, Paula MacArthur, Emma Sargent… AND MANY MORE
  • Chosen by Nigel Botterill as his UK Entrepreneur of the Month
  • Awarded Entrepreneurs Circle South Surrey Entrepreneur of the Month – TWICE!
  • Hand-picked by Theo Paphitis (BBC Dragons Den) as one of his favourite small businesses (the first social media business to be chosen!)
  • Enjoying the “Laptop Lifestyle” of running a business that within 3 years employs 2.6 FULL TIME staff… and enables us to live absolutely ANYWHERE… facilitating our recent DREAM move to the Isle of Wight.
There’s such a wealth of information in this program, that even if you’ve been using social media for business for some time, by not investing in this program,  you risk jeopardising your success by missing out on Veronica’s expert information and guidanceTim

Yet I NEVER attend local networking events – ALL of my own networking takes place online, and the vast majority of my own clients come via relationships I have built online – either from people I have got to know on Facebook and Twitter, or people who know me online referring me to their own contacts – who refer me to their friends… etc.

You see, I have built my business entirely through social media, and I KNOW you can generate amazing results for your business too… if only you knew exactly what you needed to do to get all 8 steps covered off. 

Imagine being contacted by one of your business heroes; someone whose work you’ve admired, and would love to work with… who approaches YOU because they have followed you on social media, love what you’re doing and already know they want to work with you?

It happens to me very regularly, and I still pinch myself when it does! But once you start following this system and applying the same strategies into your social marketing, all sorts of crazy wonderful opportunities will open up for you too.

Nick James’ Testimonial for Veronica Pullen

So, I’m making a commitment to you. I’m going to share everything with you. This is a “nothing held back, watch over my shoulder” premium quality – never taught before – system that I follow daily in my own business, and YOU can instantly apply to your own social marketing activities to start generating a flow of warm leads and sales.

It is truly that plain and simple.

[break]Tamsen Garrie
Veronica’s program is a great basics training if you know very little about social media, but it is also great if you are knowledgeable about marketing your business on social media but want to be more strategic. Implementing just one of the strategies I learned has increased my traction inside Facebook groups!” [break][break] Tamsen Garrie [break][break]

I do need to tell you though that there are four basic things that you will need to bring to the table yourself in order to succeed with the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program

  • You’ll need to invest your time to work through the modules and attend the training calls. And if you can’t make a live call… to watch the replay before the next call.
  • You’ll need the desire to take what you’ll learn and put it to use. If you sit watching soap operas all day, or prefer to make excuses for why you can’t do anything – I can’t help you. However, if you want to get stuff done, and have me hold you accountable, my red “kick-ass” boots are here for you! 🙂
  • You’ll need to trust me… to recognise that I want you to get results from working with me… so I will be pushing you out of your comfort zone regularly. But if you get stuck, feel overwhelmed, or could use my support – ask me… I’m not psychic. I can only be there for you if you let me know you’d like me to be.
  • You’ll need the discipline to apply the steps in the Blueprint on a regular basis. I’ll give you the plan – You just have to follow it… consistently.
  •  Once you’ve worked through the program, you’re probably looking at something like 3-5 hours per week to spend on marketing your business on social media. You’re not going to make a sale after sending a handful of tweets and a few Facebook posts. You need to show up on the sites daily, having lots of conversations.

If you take the system I’m going to share with you… and apply it well – you WILL get all those warm leads, sales and exciting opportunities that you want! If you don’t, you won’t! It’s that simple!

Emma Bailey[break]“Thank you so much Veronica. Working with you has not only increased my sales over the last 6 months but has also opened a world of opportunities for me over the coming year.

Your down to earth approach and fantastic value for money training has really helped me to start shaping my business to suit my lifestyle.

Thank you to for my new found confidence and clarity around what it is I actually do!”  [break][break] Emma Bailey 

This is the EXACT model I use to market my business online… achieving SIX FIGURE sales for myself and my clients. Everything I’ll be teaching you in this Program, you can observe me applying the same principles too.

I’ll be honest, there’s nothing that annoys me more than an “expert” telling me “I MUST do ‘this’ or ‘that’ to be successful in MY business”, yet when I go and look at what they’re doing in their own business… it’s the exact opposite of what they’re telling me to do!
That’s not exactly confidence inspiring is it?!
You’ll find none of that “do as I say, not as I do” kinda fakery around here! I’ll only be teaching you the stuff that I know is working for me in my business or for our clients.
And by the way… if you’re wondering if I ever did achieve my dream of owning the much desired XR3i – the answer is YES!
Having lost my driving licence, and now not being allowed to drive any car, my husband and I traded in both of our cars to buy an XR3i – in white – from my favourite place in the world – the Isle of Wight!
Our XR3i On One Of Our Isle of Wight Caravan Holidays

Our XR3i On One Of Our Isle of Wight Caravan Holidays

The Isle of Wight is extremely special to me, and in October 2013, I fulfilled my 20+ year dream of moving here – it’s now known as “The Royal Island”!
That’s another story though… for another day!
Back then, in 1997… I was just over the moon to own my dream car, with its Isle of Wight numberplate!
I’m sure you also have unfulfilled dreams of your own? Isn’t it time you started taking social media seriously and learned how to make your social marketing campaigns profitable… so you can start achieving YOUR dreams too?!

Before I reveal your investment… let me tell you about the 3 fantastic bonuses I’m going to include when you invest in the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program today…

Bonus #1: Lifetime Access to the Lead Magnet Academy.

Inside the Lead Magnet Academy, you’ll find your complete walk through of how to create and publish your own Lead Magnet – the free eBook/audio/video series that your prospects can download in return for giving you their email address. Your email list is the most valuable asset that your business will ever own. The Lead Magnet Academy shows you the simple steps to building your own list of warm leads.

(Value £97)

Bonus #2: Lifetime Access to the Trip Wire Academy:

Inside the Trip Wire Academy, you’ll find your complete walkthrugh of how to create your Trip Wire (otherwise know as an opt-in offer – a low cost, no brainer offer you make to your new warm leads… building a list of more committed leads, and generating a passive income for you

(Value £97 )

Bonus #3: Lifetime Membership of the Social Marketing Power Hour Club (Launching in Q1 2016).

In Q1 of 2016, I’m launching a BRAND NEW community for business owners who want to commit one hour per month to supercharge their online marketing.

Covering topics such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, copywriting, leveraging Your knowledge, and others, each month, members will receive a “Power Plan” of tips and strategies that can be learned and applied within an hour to increase the effectiveness and profitability of their online marketing.

Members of the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint program will be granted complimentary access to the Social Marketing Power Hour Club, so when you join today, you too will receive this program as a bonus for the duration of your membership.

(Value £7 / month)

Not Really A Bonus #4: You’ll also get access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask your questions of me, my team and your peers.

There are times when you can achieve so much more when you have a group of people around you… all working towards the same outcome, helping you to brainstorm the best ideas, supporting you as you progress… and celebrating with you when you “crack that nut” you may have been struggling with for ages on your own.

As it’s become de-rigeur to offer a Facebook Group with any premium training/mentoring program, I won’t insult your intelligence by calling it a bonus. But it’s still an incredibly valuable tool to have our awesome community of supportive business owners at your fingertips – day or night

(Value £197)

So… what is your investment to work with me to learn and implement the 8 steps of the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program?

The Social Marketing Profits Blueprint

Monthly Pass

£35 Per Month

Access to The Full Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program Content
Private Forum To Be Supported Through Your Learning By Veronica & Your Peers

Annual Pass


Access to The Full Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program Content
Private Forum To Be Supported Through Your Learning By Veronica & Your Peers

Gold Level Mentoring Program LIFETIME ACCESS


As Per Annual Pass But Lifetime Access


So, the questions you should be asking yourself right now, are whether you are ready to;

  • Exponentially grow your business… without increasing the number of local offline networking meetings you attend…. or even by DECREASING the time you invest in attending events? (Hint: It’s no coincidence that my income increased dramatically when I stopped attending local networking events regularly – I’ll reveal the psychology behind this inside the Program!)
  • Build a solid community of PAYING CUSTOMERS, referrers and raving fans… who all recognise you as the EXPERT or “Go-to person” in your niche… and have complete confidence that you’re the person they HAVE to work with and buy from?
  • STOP chasing clients… and instead enjoy the benefits of having your ideal prospects not only queuing up to work with you… but consistently bringing you a flow of MORE of your ideal clients… even when you’re not online!

Join the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint Program and get ready to ROCK online!


I’m so absolutely sure that the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program will SKYROCKET your results from social marketing, that I’m offering an unconditional, NO-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.


Ellie Kirby testimonial for Veronica Pullen“I started Veronica’s course about 3 weeks ago and since then, I’ve learned LOADS about social media! I’ve got about 200 more followers, and much MUCH more engagement.

Someone from Twitter downloaded my (newly created!) Lead Magnet & then bought from us within a week!

I’m loving every minute of this program!”

Ellie Kirby [break][break]


Guarantee Stamp

If for whatever reason the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program does not provide you with a clear, step-by-step strategy for generating a consistent stream of warm leads and paying customers from your social marketing campaigns, simply send my team an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business…

You have nothing to lose!

Lucy Whittington“Veronica is absolutely doing her ‘Thing’ when she helps you create and nurture social media relationships. She gets how to use social media to connect with your market so your business benefits in more ways than sales.

I always recommend her to my business celebrity clients.”

Lucy Whittington[break][break]

Invest in the Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program and Start Converting More of your Social Followers into Warm Leads and Paying Customers!

Monthly Pass

£35 Per Month

Access to The Full Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program Content
Private Forum To Be Supported Through Your Learning By Veronica & Your Peers

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Access to The Full Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program Content
Private Forum To Be Supported Through Your Learning By Veronica & Your Peers

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Your Burning Questions Answered;

I’m Still Getting Started With Social Media, Will The Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program Be Too Advanced For Me? 

The content of this Program will assume that you have a basic understanding of how to post status updates & tweets – but if you get stuck, you can ask for support in our private members forum 24/7.

Will You Teach Me Each Step Of The 8 Step Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ In Detail?

Absolutely! In Addition to the training in each module that will delve deep into each layer of each step of the Blueprint, you’ll also get access to monthly expertise and Laser Coaching Calls with me to get your questions answered – so if there’s anything you’re not clear about, you can ask me directly


Joanna Martin


“When Veronica managed our social media campaigns I saw an unprecedented increase in the numbers attending our events in the UK. She truly knows her stuff and I highly recommend her to business owners looking for social media assistance.”

Dr Joanna Martin Internationally renowned Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author [break][break]


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Monthly Pass

£35 Per Month

Access to The Full Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program Content
Private Forum To Be Supported Through Your Learning By Veronica & Your Peers

Annual Pass


Access to The Full Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ Program Content
Private Forum To Be Supported Through Your Learning By Veronica & Your Peers

Gold Level Mentoring Program LIFETIME ACCESS


As Per Annual Pass But Lifetime Access



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